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Join us in continuing to inspire and empower students at CCAC. Your investment will not only make students’ dreams a reality but also drive our future expansion, including the exciting prospect of re-introducing visual arts classes. 

It takes investors like yourself to realize CCAC’s commitment to nurturing dreams and creating spaces where every student is known, seen, and valued through the arts. Together, we can amplify the impact of creativity, boost confidence, and ignite potential in countless young hearts.


To invest by mail, send a check, payable to Christina Cultural Arts Center Inc., to the following address:
Christina Cultural Arts Center Inc.,
705 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: 302.652.0101

Click here to download the investment form

YOUR COMPANY MAY OFFER TO MATCH YOUR INVESTMENTS IN CCAC. Check with your payroll/HR department(s). Christiana Cultural Arts Center is a 501C3 nonprofit arts organization. Your donation is tax-deductible; letters of acknowledgement will be provided.

$75-$99, provides for a family of 4 to attend CCAC cultural events.
$100-$249, provides a scholarship to 1 student enrolled in a class at the School of the Arts.
$250-$499, Provides 10 hours of classroom artistic instruction in high-needs public schools providing artistic standards-aligned- lessons that are integrated with school culture improving academic outcomes.
$500-$999, Provides cost of dance recital costumes for 8-15 students.
$1,500-$2,499, Provides supplies, educational activities, and social events for 5 students participating in The HeArt Under The Hoodie, youth violence prevention program.
$2,500-$4,999, Supports the Parent Academy for 1 year to strengthen bonds with Early Childhood Education Arts Academy (ECEAA) families to increase students’ success.
$5,000, Covers 1 intern’s salary for a school year enrolled in the Future Entrepreneur & Creative Industries Internship Program (FECIIP).