Christi Awards

The Christi Awards

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The Christi Awards


Christina Cultural Arts Center Inc. launched the Christi Awards as our signature event in 1991. The Christi Awards honor unsung individuals and organizations making significant contributions towards the promotion and sustenance of the Arts in our community. The event also raises public awareness of Christina's mission, program impact and financial support needs.

The Christi Award itself, a replica of a mask from the Bini in Nigeria, symbolizes the historical and cultural richness of our shared heritage.

Our 2015 Awardees

Kenneth C. Brown"Mr. Ken" fills the halls of CCAC with singing, drumming, and movement that fosters early arts development. A member of the CCAC faculty, he is also a Founding Board Member of Kuumba Academy. After 15 years as CCAC Education Director, he currently serves as Dean of Students & Family Engagement at Kuumba. Holding a Master's Degree in education, he shares his expertise by demonstrating techniques for integrating expressive movement with literacy concepts. He is best known for creating space for fathers and their daughters to bond through dance in an annual performance at the Grand Opera House.
Juhi JagiasiAnesthesiologist Juhi Jagiasi's work to entertain and educate the public about India through dance, fashion and cultural events earned her the Christi Award for Arts Volunteerism. She choreographs Indian dance for many organizations including the Hindu Temple, has judged the Muqabla dance competition at the University of Delaware, and is CEO of the event planning agency Jewel of India.
Darrell Andrews, Jr.Artist and illustrator Darrell Andrews, Jr. uses his talent and time to benefit others. For six years he has supported his art school by donating his popular animations and illustrations to annual charity art auctions, and for three years he has hosted cartoon and animation camps for children in his community. At the same time, Darrell volunteers in the education department at the Delaware Art Museum. Combining his love of art and teaching, Darrell plans to attend college and to later work as an illustrator and teacher.

2015 Christi Awards: ARTS FOR OUR CITY'S SAKE

Christi Awards The evening starts with a performance by jazz pianist Aaron Diehl (made possible through the Jazz Touring Network program of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation), followed by the Awards ceremony in Willingtown Square. Then an arts-infused party launches along Market Street -- DJs spinning in outdoor cafes, visual art exhibits, live theater, dance and music, comedy improv and gourmet food/drink stations throughout. Conclude with a high-energy afterparty featuring DJ Statik (aka Mr. Sonny James), who has DJ'd for President Obama.

This engagement of Aaron Diehl is made possible through the Jazz Touring Network program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Past Award Recipients

  • Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee (Artistic Achievement as an Artist)
  • The HildaMan Chorale (Preservation of African American Choral Music)
  • Leander Morris & Allen E. Clark, (Co-Founders, HilaMan Chorale)
  • Dr. Joan Mobley (Arts Advocate, Philanthropist)
  • Edward Loper, Sr. (Educator & Visual Artist)
  • Sheila Cassidy (Achievement as an Arts Educator)
  • Stuart B. Young, Esquire (Arts Advocate, Philanthropist)
  • Bertice Berry (Artistic Achievement as an Artist)
  • James M. Baker (Arts Advocate, Preservation of African American Culture)
  • Elizabeth Johnson (Achievement as an Arts Educator)
  • Dr. Thomas Graves (Arts Advocate, Philanthropist)
  • Percy Ricks (Achievement as an Arts Educator)
  • Gonzalez Martinez (Arts Advocate)
  • Cleveland Morris (Artistic Achievement as an Artist)
  • Lynn Herrick Sharp (Arts Advocacy, Philanthropist)
  • Peggy Amsterdam (Arts Advocate)
  • Charma Bell (Arts Advocate, Volunteerism)
  • Dr. Donaldson T.L. Byrd, II (Achievement as an Artist, Arts Educator)
  • Dr. James E. Newton (Achievement as an Artist, Arts Educator)
  • The People of MBNA (Philanthropy, Arts Advocacy)
  • Sharon Baker (Achievement as an Artist)
  • James H. Gilliam, Sr. and James H. Gilliam, Jr. (Arts Advocates, Philanthropists)
  • Anthony Smith (Achievement as an Artist, Arts Educator)
  • Maurice Pritchett (Arts Education)
  • Peter Vasoss (Arts Education)
  • Sylvia S. Banks (Arts Advocacy, Philanthropy)
  • Tina Betz (Achievement as an Artist)
  • William C. Wyer (Arts Advocacy)
  • C. Lawler Rogers (Achievement in Arts Education)
  • Annabelle C. Kressman (Arts Advocacy)
  • The Twin Poets- Nnamdi Chukwuocha & Al Mills (Achievement as Artists)
  • Paul R. Jones (Arts Advocacy, Philanthropist)
  • Dr. Amalia Amaki Ph.D. (Achievement by an Artist)
  • Megan Armstead (Volunteerism in the Arts)
  • Vernon James (Achievement as an Artist, Arts Educator)/li>
  • Eunice LaFate (Achievement as an Artist)
  • William Shea (Arts Advocacy, Philanthropist)
  • Theresa Hayman (Achievement as an Artist)
  • Dr.Wesley Memenger (Arts Advocacy, Achievement as an Artist)
  • Fostina Dixon Kilgoe (Achievement as an Artist, Arts Educator)
  • Michael Kalmbach (Arts Advocacy)
  • Jeffrey Santoro (Arts Advocacy, Philanthropist)
  • Richard Rothrock (Achievement as an Artist)
  • Carol Balick (Arts Philanthropy)
  • Bebe Ross Coker (Arts Education)
  • Mary Page Evans (Achievement by An Artist)
  • Bernard Fisher (Arts Advocacy)