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This Year we are turning two sessions into one!

You will no longer have to re-enroll for the next session! See the details below.

Classes will be from 09/12/2022 through 06/09/2023


25% of your tuition is due at registration, however, you will not have any payments due until November! Registration ends 10/24/2022

Christina Cultural Arts Center is open to all. To keep classes affordable, fees are based on income, household size and the number of classes taken. Our fee scale makes it possible for everyone to explore creative expression.


As a part of our new registration process, parents and students now have online access to their class schedule and account information. You can make updates to account information, add students, view enrollments and make payments online. Plus, our live schedules feature allows you to view current openings from your computer. Set-up an account to register for your classes through our customer portal today!


OR Download Registration Form
Please review our Enrollment Policies below before you register.

Enrollment & Withdraw Policies

Payment Method/ Income Eligibility

SLIDING FEE SCALE– Shows “Class tuition and fees” based upon your income and the umber of people in your household.


  • When paying in installments- 25% of the total fee is due at registration then 1/5 of the balance is paid in installments. Customers may opt to pay in full at the time of registration. Registration for class is only complete when a financial commitment is made.
  • Payment may be made by check, cash or credit/debit card.
  • In order to determine eligibility for possible fee discounts, customers are required to provide verification of gross household income during registration to be considered for sliding fee scale.

Tuition Payment Process See Example below

25% of Tuition plus non- refundable costume deposit of $30 is due at registration.

See the schedule and example below.

The example is based upon If you register for two dance classes at $576.00 each.
$576.00 x 2= $1,152 (Tuition total for the full session for two classes)
25% of $1,152 = $288 (tuition) +$30.00 (costume deposit) = $318.00 due at registration.
$864 Balance of tuition will be billed in 5 installments of $172.80. (see below)
1/5 of balance is due by November 14th
1/5 of balance is due by January 23rd
1/5 of balance is due by February 27th
1/5 of balance is due by March 27th
Final payment is due by April 28th


  • No refunds will be given after five days from the date of the start of the first class. (Please see “Drop Procedure” regarding refunds for withdrawing/dropping a class)
  • No refunds will be provided to customers with a past due balance.
  • Customers with unpaid balances will be unable to re-register until balances are cleared.

Payment Plans

  • Payment plans can be made in-person at 705 N. Market Street-Wilmington, Delaware or online through the parent portal. Any payment plan account in arrears for 60 days or more will be sent to a collection agency which may adversely affect your credit rating.


(Print out Enrollment Verification form and Photo/Video release & bring into the business office)

Enrollment Verification Form/Emergency Contact Form

Photo/Video Release Form



  • Parents/Students must register online or in the business office with deposit payment to be considered officially registered for a class.
  • Parents/Students who have not registered and are taking classes will be automatically billed for the current active session.

    For music instruction all unscheduled private lesson times are released to general public during open registration


  • Any change in a student's class schedule must be approved through the Registrar's Office.
  • After two consecutive unexcused absences a student will be dropped from their class with or without notice. An unexcused absence is an absence without prior notice. There will be no refunds for students dropped from classes due to unexcused absences.


PARENTS MUST NOTIFY the Christina Cultural Arts Center business office no later than 5 days after the first class TO DROP A STUDENT FROM CLASS:

Only a written notice via email at, regular postal mail to: 705 N Market St. Wilmington DE 19801 or hand delivered to our front desk will be acceptable.
Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS until the time you notify the staff VIA WRITTEN NOTICE.

Please do not rely on your student to verbally let us know that he/she will no longer be attending classes. If a student stops coming to class without notification then that student's account will be charged.

Questions? Contact Us!

Customers are responsible for keeping all telephone, postal address and e-mail contact information up-to-date in the CCAC business office.